Security Training Sessions

HIPAA requires that all employees and staff undergo annual security training in order to remain compliant. Zekteck offers annual security training as part of any of our service packages. We like to make the training fun and light while impressing the importance of security upon the attendees. Our training sessions are structured to teach security through a practical approach that will allow security to become a part of the practices culture. Security is not something that should make everyone’s job harder. When done right and as a team, security practices can help any business function more efficiently and effectively.

What does a training session look like?

We understand running a business is hard and takes a lot of time. Our annual training is a full day that will be scheduled on a non-business day in order to avoid conflicting with patient appointments. For small groups, lunch is provided at no extra charge.

The training will consist of a combination of presentation style and functional practice style lessons that cover the primary domains of security that can be found in our Security First Aid Kit. We want to encourage participation, critical thinking, problem solving, and a movement to make security part of your practice’s culture.

Additional Security Training

Additional training materials or sessions can be provided for new employees and staff starting after the annual training has been completed. This is offered as part of our premium package.

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