Incident Response

What happens when you have a breach of PHI?

What happens when you suspect you may have a breach, your data has been leaked, stolen, or simply misplaced? Zekteck has experienced professionals that will assist you in resolving any data mishaps.

This service is included with any of our service packages with no additional charge. If you are using our intermediate or premium service packages, it is likely that you will pay little or no fines to Office of Civil Rights (an agency of HHS) because we worked together to ensure that you are HIPAA compliant.

If I’m paying for protection services, why should I worry about being breached?

No security is 100% secure. The mission and goal of Zekteck, and any other security company, is to reduce the attack surface, minimize risk, and mitigate any potential damages if a breach or attack was to take place. Zekteck is confident in our practices and offerings and will absorb the cost of corrective action in the time of a breach.

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