Protect against Fines and Fees

Zekteck will assist in protecting our clients from the potential of a breach with our Security First Aid Kit. The Security First Aid kit will record users, roles, procedures, and many other aspects to help control the security of your practice.

A HIPAA violation is defined as a breach as a result of protected health information being released to an unauthorized user or users. A breach commonly results in multiple violations. The penalty for a violation will result in a fee starting at $100 per violation and ranging to a total cost of $1.5 million. There is evidence of total fees and fines of a breach costing well over $1.5 million in certain cases, excluding loss of business and a damaged brand. These fees don’t include the cost of mandated corrective action either. 

Secure Your Medical Practice

Zekteck will help secure the vulnerabilities and secure your patient’s and practice’s data through the use of the Security First Aid Kit. The Security First Aid Kit includes access to a web portal with security policy, as well as step by step instructions to mitigate the risk and damage of a malicious attack or error. Bundled with Security Services and training, your practice can be at ease. 

While most private practice firms are HIPAA compliant and are passing their SRA assessments every year, there are still several aspects of their IT infrastructure that remain exposed and vulnerable to malicious threats. Not all breaches are caused by hackers. Some of the largest breaches are due to negligence or errors made by internal users. 

User Management and Assistance

Zekteck also realizes that user access is an important part of completing ones work, however giving too much access can be dangerous. Which is why Zekteck will manage users access to the practices most critical systems and network, ensuring that no single user can cause harm either intentionally or accidentally.

The largest vulnerability for any small business is untrained users. While users are trained in their day-to-day duties, they may not understand how what they do effects the security of the business. Zekteck provides annual user security training, random penetration testing, emergency response exercised, and a user help line that can be used when there is a question or concern.

Security Assessments

Every year, every medical practice submits a security risk assessment to their chosen EMR in order to maintain compliant with HIPAA guidelines. After the initial assessment has been completed, and the Security First Aid Kit put into place, Zekteck will perform and submit the assessment every year there after as part of any of our service packages. Doctors and business managers no longer need to embark on the daunting task of filling out the lengthy assessment and can focus on what makes the practice run, patients care.

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