Stay Compliant

Having written policies and procedures of your practice’s security compliance is a requirement of HIPAA. The Security First Aid Kit provides all of the written policies and procedures you need as well as tools to assist in implementing the policies and procedures to keep your practice secure.

What does the Security First Aid Kit include?

Policy and Compliance
  • How are users allowed to use their personal devices for work
  • What are the policies around working from home
  • How PHI is handled at rest and in transit
  • How PHI is managed in its different forms (physical or digital)
  • How are external storage devices managed
  • Security training policy
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity Procedures
    • How to keep business going in times where business cannot be performed normally
    • What to do in a power outage
    • How to use paper back ups and manual process
    • Get access to paper forms and back up documents
    • What to do in a network outage
    • Information backup and storage procedures and policies
  • Disaster Recovery Procedures
    • How to recover from any period of time where business couldn’t operate normally
    • Information and data recovery procedures
    • Manage recovery and back up locations
    • Performing lessons learned
  • Emergency Response Plan
    • How to respond during times of emergency or when business cannot operate normally (the way to business continuity)
    • People safety plans
      • evacuations
      • safety equipment
      • supplies
    • Manage emergency response roles
    • Logging tools to assist in lessons learned
Email Security Policy and Procedures
  • Tips and tricks for identifying phishing scams
  • Report suspicious emails
Malware and Malicious Attacks
  • Tips and tricks for identifying good and bad pop ups
  • Trouble shooting system issues versus potential malware attacks
  • Request assistance with suspicious activity or incident response needs
Network Security Policies and Procedures
  • Manage and track device information to have a complete view of the network
  • View a full map of your network and how information is flowing
  • Troubleshooting procedures for network devices
  • Policies pertaining to network access
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