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Hear our story and why we are passionate about protecting your data. Learn about our team, history, and experience as well as why we at Zekteck believe it is so important to work with you and your practice to create a security-focused culture.

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  • Find Gaps in Compliance
  • Receive Recommendations
  • Plan for a safer future
Security First Aid Kit
  • Get Tools to Manage your Data
  • Have compliant documentation
  • Have plans for just in case moments
  • Understand and troubleshoot your network
Assistance Line
  • Ask Questions about your security
  • Request access changes
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Report something suspicious
Incident Response
  • Find the cause
  • Recover from the incident
  • Continue business
  • Free with any plan
Security Training
  • Keep your staff updated
  • Keep your data safe
  • Make less mistakes
  • Avoid accident caused breaches

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Dentist Pays $10,000 Fine

A private dental practice is fined a REDUCED FEE of $10,000 for disclosing PHI on social media. This could be prevented by training employees on security practices every year. See the press release here.

Allergy Practice Pays $125,000 Fine

An allergy practice was fined $125,000 for disclosing patient information to a reporter. See the press release here.

Hospital Pays $111,400 Fine

A Hospital is fined $111,400 for not removing a terminated employee's access. Access management is a crucial part of remaining HIPAA compliant. See the press release here.

Childrens' Center Pays $31,000

Center for Children’s Digestive Health is fined $31,000 for not having a Business Associate Agreement in place. See the press release here.

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